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Do you have what it takes to survive?

Get ready for the run of our life! Toad Valley Golf Course presents...

Running Scared Zombie 5K which is raising money and the roof for Shoes that Fit! Runners will face obstacles, mud, hills, and heart throbbing anxiety as they are chased by zombies. Survivors as well as their zombie infested counter parts are invited to attend the Apocalyse Party.

What will you be? A Zombie or a Survivor. There's only one way to find out!


You have spent years preparing for the Zombie Apocalyse. Now it is time to test your mad skills. Runners will encounter obstacles and be forced to make quick decisions. Which way? Make a wrong decision and you might find yourself in a 7K or worse... trapped by brain eating zombies. Ok. No seriously. You know this is pretend, right? No one will really eat your brains. Or will they? Bwah. Ha. Ha. We weren't kidding about the 7K part, though. Maybe even a 10K depending on just how many zombies cross your path!

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Do you plan to just to just let the zombies take over the world? Your only desire is to party with them? No worries. Spectators to the event can watch the brain eating run fest and join in on the fun at the Apocalyse Party. There will be food, drinks and music! The perfect recipe for the celebration of the dead and undead.

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